How is this good for the future of our country?

China. Looking back at what my CIS colleagues Dan Cadman and Jessica Vaughan and I have written over the years about foreign students, it is clear that only China has created serious national security problems for us (see herehere, and here). It, alone among the three, has created and funded an organization to keep their students in line politically (the Confucius Institutes) and it has, because of the size of its student delegation created more DHS-documented drop-outs than any other nation. We have also touched on the hard-to-handle question of academic cheating by some of these students.

We do not hear about any significant theft of our government or business secrets by migrants from India or Mexico (there may be some of this, however); that appears to be a Chinese specialty.

A more rare, and more expensive, way to enter the United States on a government mission is the use of the laxly administered EB-5 (immigrant investors) program. This used to require an investment of $500,000 (now $900,000) in a DHS-approved, but not guaranteed program, and it leads, years later, to a set of green cards for the investor and his or her family. While most of the fraud in the program is private-sector in nature (with many Chinese as the victims), the only alleged misuse of the program for spying purposes among the three nations known to me has featured a Chinese investor buying under-water surveillance devices.

India. The Indian establishment has used the H-1B program, for college-grad foreign workers, to enhance its private sector — rather than the public-sector approach of the Chinese.

In a way that I think is without parallel, India has created a bunch of India-based firms that serve as middlemen for U.S. companies wanting to use relatively inexpensive Indian workers in the H-1B program to cut costs, and deny jobs to U.S. workers. These are rent-a-programmer operations, such as Tata and Infosys, which provide IT talent, almost all of it on the H-1B program, to U.S. firms. These are the so-called outsourcing companies that use a high proportion of the H-1B slots; when hiring, they employ 97 percent to 99 percent of their workers from their own country.

In fact, the discrimination by these firms is done on more than nation-of-origin lines, it includes bias in favor of young, male workers from the southern (and more Hindu) part of the nation, as we and others have reported. There have even been news accounts that suggest that the Indian caste system has taken hold in some hiring decisions by these Indian firms.

And though there is no known study of the subject, we keep hearing from U.S. citizens in the IT world that most of the human resources people in the industry seem to have Indian names; some of these are in the United States (probably on H-1B visas) and some are doing their work, I am told, from India.

What would 295 million dollars have done for the State of Texas?

The state of Texas got a contractor to do the contact tracing, a $295 million27-month contract that was rushed into place by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The Contractor can call it a Case even if there is no occurrence of the virus. A probable case definition is a “not confirmed case” but it is now considered an official case. Deaths are also inflated because they now no longer need to have a COVID-19 Lab test to consider it a Covid death. You can now count cases that have 2 symptoms like a headache and shortness of breath, or a combination of several  symptoms that count towards this classification. Since all the residents of Collin county are in the first box, a further 2 minor symptoms, such as if you have a subjective headache and fever (guessed, not measured), You would be considered a “case”.

In May the Epidemiology department at the Health department, reported on the cases but now the Contractor will take over this reporting of numbers.

The Contractor has no medical expertise. They are a tech company with 147 employees in India.

It is bad enough that the State of Texas will not hire Veterans and Americans like myself and prefers to use Texas Taxpayer Revenue to hire non-immigrant guest workers to work at places like the Texas Workforce Commission where they are supposed to help Texans like myself that need employment.’workforce’&citycriteria=”&jobcriteria=”&statecriteria=’texas’

It is even worse when we see that our very own Attorney General does it as well.’attorney’&citycriteria=’austin’&jobcriteria=”&statecriteria=”

But this is completely ridiculous.

For 295 million, I could have formed a company and hired 147 American, Texans, and Veterans that desperately need work and paid them a salary of $70,000.00 each which works out to a decent living for Those hired and I’ll guarantee you we would have questioned the reporting that inflated the numbers described above.

I love my little house, But…

I was damned near homeless many times between 2003 and 2017.

Except for family and friends, I would have been.

One day out of the blue, the VA agreed to lend me the money to buy my little house and I love it.

But I can’t afford it without work and I can’t find work that will allow me to pay for it, and I’m not willing to give up and take a brain dead job because I still have a lot of piss and vinegar and passion about doing what I can to help America realize that we are destroying our citizens future by sending their jobs to other countries and importing non-immigrant guest workers to take their jobs at the same time.

How serious am I?

Lets put it this way.

For $116,500 I can pay off my house and do nothing but develop the systems to show what is happening.

Or for $65,000 I can buy a small piece of land and put one of these on it and do the same thing.

I’m willing either way, but as they say in Maine, I sure don’t know how to get there from here.

Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics survey (National) tells the same story

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A few days ago I wrote this article.

As you can see, there is little difference between the two sets of government data.

My point is, because of companies sending jobs to other countries which decreases jobs here, we simply are not creating enough jobs to handle the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers being imported when we only create a little over 1 million jobs per year on average, which our own families could easily fill.

Let me show you how this nightmare scam called the H-1B got started.

Through the architects and program managers, Gates was able to control the work of every programmer at Microsoft, but to do so reliably required cheap and obedient labor. Gates set a policy that consciously avoided hiring experienced programmers, specializing, instead, in recent computer science graduates.

Microsoft became a kind of cult. By hiring inexperienced workers and indoctrinating them into a religion that taught the concept that metaprogrammers were better than mere programmers and that Bill Gates, as the metametaprogrammer, was perfect, Microsoft created a system of hero worship that extended Gates’s will into every aspect of the lives of employees he had not even met. It worked for Kim Il Sung in North Korea, and it works in the suburbs east of Seattle too.

Most software companies hire the friends of current employees, but Microsoft hires kids right out of college and relocates them. The company’s appetite for new programming meat is nearly insatiable. One year Microsoft got in trouble with the government of India for hiring nearly every computer science graduate in the country and moving them all to Redmond.

So here are these thousands of neophyte programmers, away from home in their first working situation. All their friends are Microsoft programmers. Bill is a father/folk hero. All they talk about is what Bill said yesterday and what Bill did last week. And since they don’t have much to do except talk about Bill and work, there you find them at 2:00 a.m., writing code between hockey matches in the hallway.

Microsoft programmers work incredibly long hours, most of them unproductive. It’s like a Japanese company where overtime has a symbolic importance and workers stay late, puttering around the office doing little or nothing just because that’s what everyone else does. That’s what Chairman Bill does, or is supposed to do, because the troops rarely even see him I probably see more of Bill Gates than entry-level programmers do.

At Microsoft it’s a “disadvantage” to be married or “have any other priority but work,” according to a middle manager who was unlucky enough to have her secretly taped words later played in court as evidence in a case claiming that Microsoft discriminates against married employees. She described Microsoft as a company where employees were expected to be single or live a “singles lifestyle,” and said the company wanted employees that “ate, breathed, slept, and drank Microsoft,” and felt it was “the best thing in the world.”

The Labor Department will not help U.S. Workers as they too are H-1B Junkies.

The Department of Labor will rewrite regulations to prevent major companies from hiring cheap foreign workers instead of skilled Americans, says the agency secretary, Eugene Scalia.

Go to each one of these links to see that they are actually using non-immigrant guest workers on a H-1B instead of veterans like myself who they have promised employment assistance to for graduating from their VRAP retraining program.

The following 2 links were the old views I was working on.

This one is the new format where you can share the information with your associates and can easily be viewed on a cellphone or your computer.’labor’&citycriteria=’washington’&jobcriteria=”

So you believe that non-immigrant guest workers on a H-1B create jobs?

Want to buy some Ocean Front Property here in Junction, Texas?

Here are the facts using our own government data that you can easily retrieve via the following link yourself.

Fact 1: the H-1B Scam began in 1990

Notes: I have highlighted in Green the years when we created more than 3 million jobs per year and as you can see, they are few, and all except for the year 2000 were BEFORE 1990

Notes: I have highlighted in Red the years when we have negative numbers and I find it interesting that in 1982 we had negative numbers because that was the year I got out of the Navy, and found it really interesting that in 1991, the year AFTER implementing the H-1B scam, we again had negative numbers.

Notes: in 2002 we had negative numbers and 2003 was the year many of us like mike and myself became unable to find work.

Notes: 2008, 09, and 10 – we know what that was and the same in 2020.

So tell me, where are those jobs?

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The spreadsheet I used to create this can be downloaded here: