What would 295 million dollars have done for the State of Texas?

The state of Texas got a contractor to do the contact tracing, a $295 million27-month contract that was rushed into place by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The Contractor can call it a Case even if there is no occurrence of the virus. A probable case definition is a “not confirmed case” but it is now considered an official case. Deaths are also inflated because they now no longer need to have a COVID-19 Lab test to consider it a Covid death. You can now count cases that have 2 symptoms like a headache and shortness of breath, or a combination of several  symptoms that count towards this classification. Since all the residents of Collin county are in the first box, a further 2 minor symptoms, such as if you have a subjective headache and fever (guessed, not measured), You would be considered a “case”.

In May the Epidemiology department at the Health department, reported on the cases but now the Contractor will take over this reporting of numbers.

The Contractor has no medical expertise. They are a tech company with 147 employees in India.


It is bad enough that the State of Texas will not hire Veterans and Americans like myself and prefers to use Texas Taxpayer Revenue to hire non-immigrant guest workers to work at places like the Texas Workforce Commission where they are supposed to help Texans like myself that need employment.


It is even worse when we see that our very own Attorney General does it as well.


But this is completely ridiculous.

For 295 million, I could have formed a company and hired 147 American, Texans, and Veterans that desperately need work and paid them a salary of $70,000.00 each which works out to a decent living for Those hired and I’ll guarantee you we would have questioned the reporting that inflated the numbers described above.

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