Being a navy vet and a highly skilled technology type with software, hardware and radio skills and unable to find work anymore, I think I have a better than average understanding of why many veterans are killing themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, probably a large majority are military related.

But if you are already dealing with military related problems, and you can’t find work to provide for yourself and your family, does that not make it much worse?

If you are a veteran and want to help other veterans, here is a project I found recently.

My thought was to purchase the building, and provide living accommodations for those veterans who are homeless or nearly homeless, AND to provide technology training for them to help them find work.

I believe it would work, but I don’t have the resources to make it a reality so I’m posting my thoughts here for those that might be in a position to make it happen.

I do have one problem with teaching our veterans technology skills though and I believe it is important that you understand what it is.

I can teach them to program computers, build websites, database programming.

I can teach them automation with things like arduino, raspberry pi, solar, pumps, switches, etc.

But after what I’ve been through the last 17 years, I can’t guarantee that these new skills will help them to find work because there are too many private businesses and government agencies working to destroy their future as I show on these sites:

Here are several documents that I prepared when I was trying to find grants to make this happen.


Thoughts on project

Feel free to use if it will help.