The displacement of the American Worker has never been so obvious

The office of foreign labor certification releases an annual report that shows the top 10 lists.

One of them is by occupation.

Lets take a look at the combined BLS OES data and the BLS H-1B data to see if there is any future in any of those jobs for our American citizens that want to prove that they too are the best and brightest our country has to offer.

There will be those that say this does not prove anything because they are only applications, and not actual jobs.

To that I would respond that I will be adding that data next.

My question for you, the reader of this article is twofold:

  1. Does this concern you?
  2. Will you discuss this with your political representatives at the federal, state, county, and community level?

After all, it is your families future as Americans in America and the ability for them to provide for their family that we are talking about, is it not?

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