So you believe that non-immigrant guest workers on a H-1B create jobs?

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Here are the facts using our own government data that you can easily retrieve via the following link yourself.

Fact 1: the H-1B Scam began in 1990

Notes: I have highlighted in Green the years when we created more than 3 million jobs per year and as you can see, they are few, and all except for the year 2000 were BEFORE 1990

Notes: I have highlighted in Red the years when we have negative numbers and I find it interesting that in 1982 we had negative numbers because that was the year I got out of the Navy, and found it really interesting that in 1991, the year AFTER implementing the H-1B scam, we again had negative numbers.

Notes: in 2002 we had negative numbers and 2003 was the year many of us like mike and myself became unable to find work.

Notes: 2008, 09, and 10 – we know what that was and the same in 2020.

So tell me, where are those jobs?

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The spreadsheet I used to create this can be downloaded here:


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