Senate Campaign

Reflections on my Senate Campaign.

I knew I didn’t stand a chance, but I also knew that Senator Cornyn would not stand up for Texans in Texas.

Too many of us have seen our jobs sent offshore, and a tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers imported to take our jobs here at home.

These are not our lowest paying jobs, but our best paying jobs.

This is leaving us with no future and no way to work our way up the ladder of life even though we have the skills that are being sent offshore and non-immigrant guest workers are being imported for, and we are not even being given the opportunity to apply for these positions.

I knew that Senator Cornyn would not work to fix that problem, and that the others who were running against him either had no knowledge of the subject, or believed the lie that Americans do not have what it takes to acquire these skills and would make it worse.

So I did what I could in the hope that the media would at least interview me so that I could do my part to educate you about the future we are building for your family if they too want the ability to be all that they can be.

The media didn’t give me the time of day.

Which means you never knew about me or why I was running.

But I knew it would be that way and that I did not stand a chance.

Here we are a year later, and in February I walked out of a job knowing I could find another one when I was told that I would have to ask for permission to go to the bathroom or anything.

Two weeks later our federal and state government shut down the world economy, and with nobody hiring, I had to file for unemployment which I was denied because I had quit my last job.

Tell me this, if our large private companies will not hire Americans in America, and are sending their jobs to other countries and importing non-immigrant guest workers to take their remaining jobs.

This leaves us turning to our government jobs seeking sanctuary so that we may continue to work in our trade and build a future for our families.

But when our government agencies like the Texas Workforce Commission or the Department of Veterans Affairs hire non-immigrant guest workers for their best paying jobs, does that make it so that we can’t work our way up the ladder as Americans in America?

Leaving us deemed as overqualified for the jobs that remain?

Is this why our homeless population continues to grow?

Is this why more and more of our seniors and even younger folks are now living out of their vehicles?

I have been asked if I would run again, and to that I simply say, as long as we continue on this path, what other option is there but to run.

Because you see, unless you are willing and able to learn from what I have tried to show you on all of my websites and videos, than it will continue to grow worse and will at some point impact somebody that you care about.

And now, with the events of what happened in Washington, DC on 6 Jan 2021 and businesses like Twitter and Facebook censoring the highest government office we have in America and people who are democrats and republicans calling for his head on a platter and nobody speaking up to ask the questions of:

  • Are we innocent until proven guilty?
  • Who are these businesses to censor somebody who has not been found guilty?

Lets just say that I believe all of this is wrong and that my vote and my voice would be asking these questions if I were to be given the opportunity to do so.


S-386 & HR 1044