President Trump, your own government data shows we are importing too many H-1B workers for the jobs we are creating

Like everybody in the software arena, I’ve been seeking answers to why I can’t get hired no more, and the answer is painfully obvious.

NAICS 54 is defined as:

The professional, scientific, and technical services sector consists of a single subsector, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: NAICS 541. Data published under either the sector or subsector classification are included in the tables below. The subsector consists of these industry groups:

  • Legal Services: NAICS 5411
  • Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services: NAICS 5412
  • Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services: NAICS 5413
  • Specialized Design Services: NAICS 5414
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services: NAICS 5415
  • Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services: NAICS 5416
  • Scientific Research and Development Services: NAICS 5417
  • Advertising and Related Services: NAICS 5418
  • Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: NAICS 5419

So, let us expand our search to 5415

All of this information has been taken from the FY 2020 H-1B application data.

This means we had 166,499 H-1B applications for these Computer Systems Design and Related Services type jobs.

The problem is, this is H-1B applications only and all applications do not necessarily get approved, so we need to look at the H-1B Approval Data for 2019 as all of 2020 is not yet in.

Doing that, we see that 157,322 did get approved for initial approvals and continuing renewals.

The problem is, the Approval data only uses a 2 digit NAICS number.

If we rerun our query using only 54 instead of the 5415, we now find that we actually had 239,976 H-1B Applications for NAICS 54

Now we need to find out how many jobs were created in 2019 as compared to 2018.

Doing that, we see that we had 2233.6 in Dec 2019 and we had 2155.5 in Dec 2018.

This means we created 78,100 jobs since these numbers are in thousands.

Yet we approved 157,322 H-1B initial approvals and continuing approvals.

Leaving Americans like myself begging for work.

Something has to give.

I believe it is the non-immigrant guest worker visas.

I believe American citizens will agree as well as their families are dependent on jobs as Americans in America.

Isn’t it time that we did this?

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