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A lot of “experts” are paid a lot of money to convince you that when we send our best paying jobs to other countries, it creates jobs here at home.

A lot of “experts” are paid a lot of money to convince you that when we import non-immigrant guest workers on visas like the H-1B to take our best paying jobs, that each one creates 2.62 new jobs here at home.

Yet when we look around, our towns that once were thriving with manufacturing plants of all kinds are now struggling to get by and our homeless population grows and grows.

And a good paying job now, or one of the few that a person can find pays $10 to $15 per hour.

As you know, you can’t work your way out of poverty by pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps when you can’t make more than what it costs to live in your town.

All of us pay our taxes because (1) we have too, and (2) we want to do our part to make our towns, counties, state and federal government have the available funding to build a better future for all of us.

How would it make you feel if I told you that our very own government agencies were hiring these non-immigrant guest workers for their best paying jobs rather than providing a pathway for your family to strive for the middle class lifestyle you have dreamed of?

Many will say this is not happening, but as I show here in Texas, our very own Attorney General is doing it, as is our Texas Workforce Commission.

I personally thought our Texas Workforce Commission was tasked with helping our citizens build better lives, but I guess they think differently.

The sad thing is, our very own Comptroller of Public Accounts is denying Texas Families the ability to work their way up the ladder as well as you can see by clicking here.

The same thing can be said about our Federal Department of Labor.

Are you wondering if any of your local employers are hiring non-immigrant guest workers on a H-1B rather than making it possible for you to work your way up the ladder?

You can search by employer name by clicking here.

You can search by the secondary business named entity which essentially is the final customer for the employer importing the non-immigrant guest worker by clicking here.

All of this brings up the question of, Are we creating enough jobs for our citizens and the guest workers who are being imported to take our best paying jobs?

There are two different Bureau of Labor Statistics Numbers that we can look at to determine that.

They are the CES or Current Employment Statistics.

You can click here to view those numbers.

And the CPS or Current Population Survey.

You can click here to view those numbers.

Who is destroying the Quality of Life in your town and state?

Click here if you want to see who is denying your family the opportunity to be all that they have the potential to be.

Are we creating any jobs for our citizens in any of the different occupational groups?

Click here to see for yourself using the BLS OES data.

You will hear that H-1B Non-Immigrant Guest Worker Visas denial rates are way up.

When you actually look at H-1B Applications, Approvals and Denials, on a side by side view as I show here, you quickly realize this is nothing but propaganda.