I love my little house, But…

I was damned near homeless many times between 2003 and 2017.

Except for family and friends, I would have been.

One day out of the blue, the VA agreed to lend me the money to buy my little house and I love it.

But I can’t afford it without work and I can’t find work that will allow me to pay for it, and I’m not willing to give up and take a brain dead job because I still have a lot of piss and vinegar and passion about doing what I can to help America realize that we are destroying our citizens future by sending their jobs to other countries and importing non-immigrant guest workers to take their jobs at the same time.

How serious am I?

Lets put it this way.

For $116,500 I can pay off my house and do nothing but develop the systems to show what is happening.

Or for $65,000 I can buy a small piece of land and put one of these on it and do the same thing.

I’m willing either way, but as they say in Maine, I sure don’t know how to get there from here.


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