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UPDATE: President Trump recently signed an executive order requesting that all government agencies review the use of non-immigrant guest workers which makes me ask a question.

The Department of Labor actively uses non-immigrant guest workers to displace Americans and Veterans like myself from being considered for these jobs.

As you can see by the information obtained via the 2020 H-1B Applications, the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics are actively using these H-1B non-immigrant guest worker visas.

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These H-1B visas are issued in a premeditated manner which destroys the family who are forced out of the workforce when they are replaced by the non-immigrant guest workers simply because we are not finding any jobs available to us. The stories to back this up are numerous, but our government will not listen to them, and the mainstream media will not alert you about them, primarily because they are active users of non-immigrant guest workers as I show via the maps available on this site.

When we send our best paying jobs to other countries, this decreases the jobs available here in our country for our citizens and creates an environment of low paying jobs.

If we double down and import non-immigrant guest workers to take our best paying jobs that are remaining, this also decreases the jobs available here in our country for our citizens and creates an environment where we have more people than we do jobs.

Do they offer American citizens safe haven?

Or do they hire non-immigrant guest workers instead, leaving our citizens with nowhere to turn?

You be the judge:

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Leaving our citizens fighting over crumbs, forced into homelessness, or giving up entirely when they find no way out.

I realize the general belief is there are plenty of jobs out there, but the facts are that since 1975, we have only created about 1,212,021 or 1,307,319 jobs per year depending on which set of government data you look at and we import 8,742,068 to 10,891,745 non-immigrant guest workers per year while only letting in 462,422 to 617,752 legal immigrants per year.

If we take a look at the top 10 jobs that non-immigrant guest workers are imported for, we quickly realize that we have more applicants than we are creating jobs for and that we are creating an environment that forces our children who may want better to work in retail, sales, transportation or the restaurant industry as that is where the jobs are which will leave them making less than what it costs to live in our communities and struggling to provide for their families.

How have we done in the 10 most recent years? You can click here to see for yourself, keeping in mind that all data for 2020 is not yet in.

If you wanted to dig deeper into each job occupation, you can view the most recent ten years by clicking here.

You will hear the H-1B’s say Americans don’t have the skills.

You will hear our American employers say they can’t find the people.

It is time to call BullShit on that.