About those hypocrite Business Owners DEMANDING that Mayor De’Blasio fix the quality of life problem

CEOs from 160 top companies have demanded that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio address public safety and fix ‘quality of life issues’ that have left the Big Apple struggling to recover from one of the harshest lockdowns in the country. 

Chief executives from companies Lyft, Macy’s, Goldman Sachs and more signed the letter to de Blasio calling for the city to ‘remain a thriving global center of commerce, innovation and opportunity’ as it battles a slow reopening, rising crime, growing homelessness and sanitation problems amid the pandemic. 

Despite New York having an infection rate below one per cent for more than 30 days, the CEOs said there was widespread anxiety over public safety, cleanliness and other quality of life issues that are contributing to deteriorating conditions in commercial districts and neighborhoods across the five boroughs.’ 


As somebody that has their “Quality of Life” destroyed over the last 17 years, I can tell you that you can’t have a quality life if you can’t find decent paying work.

So I developed a system this morning to show you how these business owners are actually denying you a “Quality Life” by denying you the opportunity to strive for their best paying jobs by replacing you with non-immigrant guest workers.


Click on that link above and in the Search: box, enter goldman

Then click on the links under the Employers Name column to see exactly how many good paying jobs Goldman is denying you the opportunity to strive for so that you can build a better “Qualify of Life” for your family.

As an example, I clicked on the 3rd one down and I find this.

33 jobs that pay very well.

Do you think if you were given the opportunity to work your way up into those positions that you might be able to build a better quality of life for your family?

I think those business owners need to look in the mirror and ask themselves, am I really the one that is destroying the quality of life for the people in the town I operate in?

Are others doing the same?

How exactly do I expect my neighbors to do better when I force them into homelessness by denying them the opportunity to even pay their bills?

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