What do I do different?

  • Tuesday, 15th February, 2022
  • 15:10pm

I first started producing Keep America At Work back in 2007 using WordPress.

I went through many hosting companies over the next 13 years struggling with each of them.

Sometimes it was their interface.

Sometimes is was their speed.

In all cases, I just wasn't happy.

Eventually I discovered LiquidWeb for a project and they are very nice, but they are pricey as they are good.

After that I stumbled onto NameHero and I was happy with their speed and their service and I became a reseller for them.

Why did I become a reseller?

  1. I wanted the ability for myself to host multiple websites with one interface.
  2. I wanted the ability to manage and support my clients websites with that one interface because the majority of my clients don't want to mess with their website as they simply want to go to me and say Virgil, how do we do this and they want me to do the research and develop a plan to fix their problem.

If you are looking for that level of support, I would appreciate you giving me a try.

Thank You,

Virgil Bierschwale


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